Jeffrey Flannery, CEO

For over a year, Interact Holdings Group, Inc. (“Interact”) has been laying the foundation for what we believe is a newer, more efficient and more effective way for any company to better manage their assets and overall businesses. Our approach to what many in the industry are calling “infrastructure management” is derived from years of experience working with some of the largest, most successful companies in the world. Interact has been carefully architected by bringing together companies that offer synergistic capabilities and contribute proven business experience.

Jim Nelson, President and COO

Today, we are announcing a new name for our company, Interact Holdings Group, Inc., a name which we believe better describes our vision, our goals and the future direction of our company. We expect to file an amendment to our Certificate of Incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State on or about eh first week of January to formally effect this name change.

Jim Nelson, President and COO

I would like to take the opportunity with this letter to accomplish two things. First I want to introduce myself to the shareholders and share with everyone a small bit of my background and experience. Secondly, I will explain more of the details of our plans and strategy for expanding our business opportunities in Western Africa, beginning with our efforts in Nigeria.

Jeff Flannery, CEO of Jackson Rivers

Many have been asking for additional information on the pending acquisition of UTSI, and I apologize that I have not had much to give you other than we are still in the due diligence and audit process. All I can say is that we are very excited about bringing these companies together and that we are moving forward as quickly as we can.

Dennis Parker, CTO of Diverse Networks, Inc.

I have been asked to introduce myself to the shareholders and discuss my background in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. I guess I’ve spent most of my career in M2M, we just never called it that until recently. I don’t like to think of myself as old, either, but I guess if you measured my age in “computer years,” I’m almost a dinosaur. I have written assembly (machine) code for several architectures, programmed computers using punch cards and “paper” tape (really Mylar), and worked on computers with, honest to god, “blinking lights” on the front panel. I don’t miss coding in assembly, but I really do miss those blinking lights.

George Wren, President of M2M Data Services

As the new president for Diverse Network’s Data Services Division, I thought it might be helpful to discuss my insights into the machine-to-machine (M2M) market, my vision for Diverse Networks, Inc., and what new products and services we’re developing for applications within this extensive market.